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In the last year there have been over 3500 auto accidents in Northern Nevada, with thirty percent of those crashes resulting in injury. Knowing what to do in the unfortunate event of an automobile accident, as well as understanding what to expect in an injury lawsuit, is vital in getting through the complications that often arise after a crash. Reno auto accident attorneys Beckett, Yott, McCarty & Spann have over thirty years experience litigating injury and accident claims. In that time, we have witnessed the devastating effects auto accidents can have on all those involved.

Our attorneys and staff are devoted to helping the victims and families of auto accidents find their way through such potentially complex litigation. Whether it is dealing with under insured motorists or seeking compensation for medical expenses, our experience has given us the tools to handle any accident claim with care and expertise. If you or a loved one have been injured in an auto accident in Reno, or elsewhere in Nevada, contact our expert automobile accident lawyers to schedule a free consultation today.

Let experienced Reno auto accident attorneys Beckett, Yott, McCarty & Spann assess your case in a free consultation.

General Steps After an Auto Accident:

  • Ensure everyone is ok. Call 911, even if the accident appears to be minor. Injuries in auto accidents are not always directly proportionate to the severity of the accident itself. Even if it is a slow speed fender-bender, do not assume no one has been hurt.

  • Do not move your vehicle unless it is blocking traffic, or creating unnecessary danger. It is important to keep the original accident scene intact, if at all possible. Do not leave the scene of the accident until advised to do so. 

  • Do not apologize or make excuses for the accident; this can be interpreted as admission of liability. Though it may seem polite, this simple formality will likely create unexpected headaches later on.

  • Take pictures. Whether you own a cell phone with a camera, or keep a disposable camera in your car, having proof of the damages after an accident is important. If there are any disputes later, photographs generally serve as a critical source of evidence.

  • Call your insurance company, regardless of fault. Notifying your insurer is essential in keeping a well-documented record of the accident, especially if a lawsuit becomes necessary.

  • Gather the license plate numbers of all involved vehicles, as well as the drivers’ names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance information. Also try to collect contact information from any witnesses of the accident.

  • For more information concerning auto or car accidents in Reno, city traffic reports, or motor vehicle safety, visit Reno.gov or the Nevada Department of Public Safety.