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Reno, NV Attorneys of Beckett, Yott, McCarty & Spann

Reno, Nevada attorneys of Beckett, Yott, McCarty & Spann Chtd.Reno, Nevada attorneys Beckett, Yott, McCarty & Spann have been active in Personal Injury, Workers Compensation and Insurance Law fields since 1977, handling in excess of 10,000 cases and numerous multi-million dollar personal injury cases and settlements.

Our Reno based attorneys, Riley M. Beckett, Laurie A. Yott, James A. McCarty, and Charles W. Spann have extensive experience in personal injury, torts, negligence law, insurance law, products liability, premises liability, federal tort claims, as well as, several other areas of the law.

We are also well versed in Nevada’s workers’ compensation practice and have become one of the premier workers’ compensation and subrogation law firms in the state. Mr. Beckett and Mrs. Yott each have dual licensing in Nevada and California, which is essential in “cross border” claims. Mr. McCarty has dual licensing in Nevada and Nebraska. The partners at Beckett, Yott, McCarty & Spann each have well over 20 years experience.

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