Accidents in Reno, NV: Slip & Fall Injuries

Reno, NV Personal Injury Attorneys Beckett, Yott, McCarty & SpannWith the holidays approaching, it is time for many of us to finish our shopping and hastily complete any last minute holiday errands. Though the Reno personal injury attorneys of Beckett, Yott, McCarty & Spann have already warned of the dangers of driving in Reno’s winter weather, walking on icy sidewalks and parking lots can sometimes prove to be equally hazardous.

Of course, accidents happen to all of us at one point or another, and sliding on a patch of ice or tripping on a step is not an abnormal occurrence – often injuring only our pride. However, if more serious injuries result from the negligence of another, then the property owner, or negligent party, may be held liable. In determining liability in slip & fall injury claims, contacting experienced personal injury attorneys is vital. Each of the lawyers at Beckett, Yott, McCarty & Spann has decades of experience in successfully handling slip & fall claims throughout Nevada, and will assess your case in a free consultation.

Most importantly, however; both property owners and those walking should be especially careful during Reno’s colder months, when ice seems to be beneath our feet on every step. Dress appropriately for the winter weather conditions. Walk carefully, and be mindful of any potential hazards on sidewalks and elsewhere on the ground.

The Reno personal injury attorneys of Beckett, Yott, McCarty & Spann wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!