• Nevada Workers' Compensation

    As Nevada workers' compensation attorneys, we have won thousands of workers compensation cases after successfully litigating them through the complexities of the multi-level court system. We are experts in Nevada workers compensation law, and have represented clients all the way to the Nevada Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court. Our main officers are in Reno, which enables us to handle cases statewide in Reno, Carson City and Las Vegas, as well as the outlying rural counties.

  • Nevada Personal Injury

    The attorneys of Beckett, Yott, McCarty & Spann are experts at personal injury litigation, settlements and trials. They have handled and won countless auto accident cases, slip and fall suits, dog bites claims, wrongful death suits, insurance disputes, car accident cases, motorcycle accident suits, negligence matters of all types, and other cases involving serious injuries, tort claims, and insurance disputes.